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Vaginal dryness significantly affects your sex life, and estrogen depletion is the leading cause. Luckily, you don’t have to live with vaginal dryness. Keep reading to find out how to treat vaginal dryness to enhance your sex life effectively.

Vaginal dryness has many causes, including menopause and certain medications. While it may not seem a big deal, this condition can significantly affect your intimacy and causes pain during sexual intercourse.

However, you don’t have to live with vaginal dryness forever as the team at Comprehensive Urology has several effective treatments. Our team consists of five sexual medicine and urology specialists who help you get to the bottom of your symptoms so you can eliminate vaginal dryness for good.

What causes vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness can happen for various reasons, but the most prevalent cause is low estrogen in your body. Estrogen is a female hormone that allows your vaginal tissues to stay hydrated and healthy.

When your estrogen levels are low, you experience several symptoms, including dryness in your vagina. Your estrogen declines as you get older, but it can happen anytime.

Some of the other causes of vaginal dryness include:

  • Menopause
  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Antidepressant medications
  • Cold medications and antihistamines
  • Diabetes
  • Sjögren syndrome
  • Cancer treatments

Menopause is one of the major causes of vaginal dryness, as your estrogen levels significantly decline during this period in your life. Menopause causes the tissues in your vagina to become thin and less elastic, contributing to your symptoms.

Symptoms of vaginal dryness

Although intercourse is one of the significant ways you can feel vaginal dryness, there are other ways it affects you too. Vaginal dryness makes it uncomfortable to sit and exercise, even causing discomfort when you go to the bathroom.

There are other symptoms related to vaginal dryness as well. These symptoms range in severity and include the following:

  • Pain during sex
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Mild bleeding after sex
  • Itching or soreness in your vagina
  • Recurrent yeast infections or UTIs
  • Needing to urinate more often

The symptoms of vaginal dryness affect many areas of your life. It affects your relationships and your daily activities. You may not want to have sex with your partner because of the pain associated with dryness in your vagina.

Treatments to consider

You don’t have to continue suffering from vaginal dryness. The team at Comprehensive Urology provides you with a detailed physical and pelvic exam to determine the cause behind your symptoms.

If medications are causing vaginal dryness, we recommend trying other therapies or making lifestyle changes to relieve your symptoms. When a medical condition causes vaginal dryness, we offer treatment for these conditions to give you relief.

When your vaginal dryness is due to low estrogen levels, we recommend the following treatments:

Creams or lubricants

Vaginal creams or lubricants provide you with temporary relief from vaginal dryness. However, they don’t fix the problem that’s causing your symptoms. These therapies are effective for mild vaginal dryness, although you may also need other treatments.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

We offer BHRT for menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness. We mimic your natural hormones with BHRT, which restores the estrogen balance in your body, resolving uncomfortable symptoms related to menopause.


We are happy to offer ThermiVa for vaginal dryness, a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment. ThermiVa works with radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production in your vaginal tissues.

The increased collagen revitalizes the tissues in your vagina and improves lubrication. It also promotes new tissue regeneration, which enhances your sexual experience after only a few treatments.

You may notice immediate results after your first ThermiVa treatment. However, you’ll get the best results after several treatments a few weeks apart.

The most significant benefit to ThermiVa is your enhanced sex life. However, you don’t need any downtime or recovery after your treatments.

Don’t continue to suffer from vaginal dryness. Call our office today at 310-278-8330 to schedule a consultation or book an appointment on our website.

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