Scrotoplasty Surgery

scrotoplasty surgery

Scrotoplasty Surgery, Safe & Effective Treatment

At Comprehensive Urology, we offer scrotoplasty for patients who need to address one of several concerns. With a modernized approach and the latest techniques, we can provide an effective construction or alteration of the scrotum. Our team works closely with each patient to develop a personalized scrotoplasty plan that works toward their unique goals. Every step of the way, we provide full support about every aspect of your procedure. Keep in mind that many male patients first try the non-invasive procedure Scrotox, which are Botox injections into the scrotum before udergoing surgery.  

Comprehensive Urology in Los Angeles focuses on providing patients with safe and effective treatments for a range of concerns. In addition to scrotoplasty, we offer a full suite of discrete and compassionate treatment for both men and women. Contact us today to learn more about what our procedures can do and help you achieve.

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Scrotoplasty Q & A

What is Scrotoplasty?

Scrotoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to achieve one of several goals for patients, depending on their needs. It addresses concerns of the scrotum, the area of skin that holds the testicles and serves a vital function in the male reproductive system. It is generally considered a cosmetic procedure, but the results can have significant benefits and positive results for patients.

Buried Penis

One of the most common reasons to have scrotoplasty in Los Angeles is to address a buried penis. This condition typically occurs at birth and leaves an individual with very little visible penis though the organ is of normal size. While the causes of a buried penis can vary, this procedure can generally address most cases. Through careful and precise techniques, we can adjust the scrotum and surrounding ligaments to reveal more of the organ’s full size. While this is typically for cosmetic improvement, it may also provide functional improvements in more severe cases.

Gender Affirmation

Physical attributes can be an important part of the transition experience for transgender men (female-to-male). Our physical traits play an important role in affirming our identities and feeling the way we are meant to. Scrotoplasty surgery can also be used as part of the transition process to construct a scrotum for transgender male patients.

Scrotal Lift

Scrotoplasty can also improve the appearance of the scrotum for many patients. As a scrotal lift, this procedure can tighten the scrotal tissue, resulting in a tighter and small overall presentation. Patients with excess scrotal skin tend to use this procedure to achieve ideal aesthetic results.

Does Insurance Cover Scrotoplasty?

Insurance may cover scrotoplasty in some cases, if documentation can be provided supporting gender dysphoria. We work closely with each patient to find a way to build a treatment plan that matches their situation. Likewise, most insurance companies will provide coverage for scrotoplasty to treat a buried penis as well. However, for purely cosmetic changes, such as a scrotal lift, insurance may not cover the procedure.

How Does Scrotoplasty Surgery Work?

The process for this procedure can vary, depending on the target outcome. For patients with a buried penis, parts of the scrotum may be removed to create a more visible organ. Ligaments may also be tightened to add additional benefits. For constructing a scrotum or adjusting it, the surgeon may work with existing genital tissue or take skin from another part of the body.

If part of gender affirmation, the patient may select testicular prostheses during another procedure to complete the process. However, the scrotum must first heal completely in most cases to ensure optimal safety and results.

What Is the Recovery Like?

Your recovery time for scrotoplasty in Los Angeles can vary, depending on the full plan of your procedure. It is not unusual for patients to remain in the hospital for a couple of days to ensure recovery starts smoothly and continues well before going home. In general, a recovery period of several months is normal, however not all of this is downtime. To help with recovery, patients can expect a support garment and a catheter to drain urine. After several months, any swelling and pain discomfort should fully disappear. For your recovery, we will provide you with a complete outline and full instructions.

For gender affirmation scrotoplasty surgery, the procedure tends to be more complex. As such, the recovery time may be extended and depends on the extent of the procedure’s complexity. However, we will provide a complete process outline based on your unique procedure plan before the surgery. This way, you will be able to know ahead of time what you may expect after your unique scrotoplasty.

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