Anthony Allemon PA


Anthony Allemon PA at Comprehensive Urology Los Angeles

Anthony Allemon is Board Certified Physician Assistant here at Compreheensive Urology in Beverly Hills, California. Specializing in  Nutritional Studies, Tony completed his undergraduate training at Michigan State University before earning his master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Toledo, where he served as class president.

Anthony Allemon Education

Anthony Allemon’s journey in the medical field began at Michigan State University. He completed his undergraduate studies there, earning a degree in Human Nutrition. Motivated by his dedication to healthy living and his passion for patient care, Tony pursued further education and training. He obtained a master’s degree from the University of Toledo, where he not only excelled academically but also stood out as a natural leader. He was nominated to serve as President of his class, demonstrating his strong leadership abilities and commitment to the well-being and success of his peers.

Patient-Centered Approach

Anthony firmly believes in a patient-centered approach, considering it the pinnacle of medical care. He takes pride in dedicating sufficient time and attention to each patient, comprehending their concerns, and crafting treatment plans that cater to their specific needs.

His warm and empathetic nature fosters a strong sense of trust among his patients. This trust allows them to openly discuss their health issues and medical needs, secure in the knowledge that they are in the capable and compassionate hands of a highly astute medical professional.

Anthony Allemon Professional Accomplishments

With a dedication to lifelong learning, Tony stays up-to-date in medical research and the latest advancements in urology. His pursuit of excellence and dedication to his patients have earned him the admiration and trust of both colleagues and patients alike.

Personal Background

Anthony Allemon’s interests have always centered around health and fitness. He developed these healthy habits in his youth, growing up in Michigan. His time was often spent outdoors by the lakes, engaging in activities such as shoveling snow, landscaping, and playing sports. Notably, he excelled in ice hockey. These formative experiences have played a pivotal role in shaping him into the person and provider he is today.


As a teenager and during his college years, Tony pursued a hobby of researching and creating personalized nutrition and training programs for family friends. He was thrilled by how applying his knowledge could profoundly transform their lives and overall health. Over time, this noble hobby has evolved into a thriving business, Tony Allemon Nutrition. Here, Tony offers clients detailed consultations and tailored wellness plans to optimize their daily nutritional habits and enhance their overall lifestyles.


His interests led Anthony Allemon through PA school, where he became the class president. After graduating, he relocated cross-country to California to commence his professional career, closer to his fiancée in Los Angeles. There, he swiftly embraced the LA lifestyle, enjoying activities like hiking, beach outings, swimming, and learning to surf. Additionally, he indulged in the remarkable restaurant scene and unique entertainment offerings of the area.


Tony serves as a Physician Associate at Comprehensive Urology with Dr. Kia Michel. He manages a variety of patients including: Hormone Replacement, Prostate Cancer Screening/Treatment, UTI treatments and prevention, anti-aging, and sexual wellness.