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High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is an innovative prostate cancer treatment. What stands out about it is that it eliminates cancer using noninvasive ultrasound instead of surgery or radiation. While surgical methods can be effective, they present patients with a range of risks. Our team uses HIFU to help patients overcome prostate cancer without the strain of surgical methods.

Kiarash Michel, MD, and his team of board-certified urologists at Comprehensive Urology are pioneers of HIFU in Los Angeles. They practice in a state-of-the-art facility in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles. Each member has extensive experience successfully performing the HIFU procedure and helping patients beat prostate cancer. To learn more about HIFU or to schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.

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High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound Q&A

How does HIFU treat prostate cancer?

HIFU, also called focal therapy, uses high-energy ultrasound waves to treat prostate cancer. The tightly focused waves precisely target the cancer cells in your prostate. Then their high energy quickly heats the targeted cancer cells and destroys them without affecting the surrounding tissues. This revolutionary treatment is not only safer than surgery, but it provides excellent rates of success.

What benefits do I gain with HIFU?

HIFU gives you the opportunity to avoid surgery and radiation therapy. While these methods can be effective, they also place significant strain on the patient’s body.

The precision of HIFU spares the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles needed for healthy functioning. As a result, you have a minimal risk of developing erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence. You’ll also avoid other risks associated with standard cancer treatments, such as:

  • Lymphedema
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • And more

Most men only need one treatment with HIFU. As a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require an incision, you won’t have any trauma or blood loss. Additionally, you can recover quickly from the process and return to your daily life. With these benefits, it is easy to see why this treatment is growing rapidly in popularity.

Am I a good candidate for HIFU?

Before the HIFU procedure can be administered, an accurate diagnosis and prostate cancer staging must be performed to make sure this is the best prostate cancer treatment for you. Prostate Cancer is diagnosed using a combination of PSA bloodwork, a physical exam, a medical history of your prostate cancer symptoms, and an MRI Fusion Prostate Biopsy. 

HIFU offers an exceptional treatment option for men whose cancer is confined to the prostate and hasn’t spread to other areas of the body. The team at Comprehensive Urology also recommends HIFU for:

  • Men whose prostate cancer recurs
  • Or when their cancer doesn’t improve with traditional cancer treatment

The first step to see if HIFU is for you is to schedule an appointment at Comprehensive Urology. We provide a professional and compassionate atmosphere centered around finding the right approach for you.

Your Comprehensive Urology provider evaluates your prostate gland, including its size and the extent of your cancer. Once they have a complete understanding of your situation, they can then approve you for HIFU if your situation matches. In some cases, your provider may need to shrink the size of your prostate before you’re a good candidate for HIFU.

In all cases, we provide you with complete information at every step. You will always have full access to answers about available treatments and how they work.

What should I expect during HIFU?

Kiarash Michel, MD, and the expert team at Comprehensive Urology believe knowledge is key to a smooth treatment. That’s why they always fully explain the HIFU procedure and answer all your questions so you’ll know what to expect. Before your procedure, they use different methods to map your prostate and determine the precise location of cancer. These include an ultrasound, as well as MRI and biopsy results.

Treatment Process

To provide complete comfort, we typically use complete anesthesia for the procedure. From start to finish, you will be fully unconscious, so you won’t feel anything.

Your provider performs HIFU by inserting the ultrasound probe into your rectum. This makes it easier for the energy waves to reach the prostate. They then use real-time imaging to ensure HIFU targets the cancerous cells while preserving healthy prostate tissue. They continue the process until they are satisfied that the cancer has been dealt with.

A typical HIFU treatment takes one to four hours, depending on the extent of the cancer. On average, you can expect about two hours for a complete treatment. You may experience side effects such as minor swelling, soreness, and discomfort. However, these disappear shortly after your treatment.

After your treatment, you will need someone to drive you home as the anesthesia wears off. However, you can soon return to your daily life and routine afterward. If you have any questions after your treatment, please give us a call and we will gladly answer them.

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If you are suffering from prostate cancer, there is a chance you don’t need surgery. With HIFU, you can have successful treatment without placing additional strain on your body. Take the first step to receiving this non-surgical treatment today when you schedule your appointment.

To know more about HIFU and your prostate cancer treatment options, book an appointment online, or call Comprehensive Urology today.

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Kia Michel, MD

Kia Michel, MD

Written by Dr. Kia Michel, a board certified urologist, surgeon, and founding member of Comprehensive Urology in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Dr. Michel's expertise includes focal therapy (HIFU/TULSA), prostate cancer treatment, robotic surgery, and male enhancement treatments such as Shockwave Therapy for ED and penile injections.

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