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Discover our exceptional team of nationally-recognized urologists who provide cutting-edge urological care within a compassionate environment. Explore our latest clinical research studies focusing on conditions like erectile dysfunction, recurrent urinary tract infections, ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation, and the integration of penis enlargement injections with Shockwave Therapy for ED. Inquire about our revolutionary approaches to Prostate Cancer treatment, including MRI Fusion Biopsy, HIFU, and TULSA-Pro.

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Kia Michel, MD

Kia Michel, MD

Written by Dr. Kia Michel, a board certified urologist, surgeon, and founding member of Comprehensive Urology in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Dr. Michel's expertise includes focal therapy (HIFU/TULSA), prostate cancer treatment, robotic surgery, and male enhancement treatments such as Shockwave Therapy for ED and penile injections.

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