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ThermiVa Before and After Photos

Comprehensive Urology in Los Angeles offers the latest in technology and treatments for maintaining your sexual health. Aging can be reversed through a combination of therapies, especially non surgurgical vaginal rejuvenation using ThermiVa.

Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost

Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments, such as ThermiVa radiofrequency treatments, typically cost between $2500-$3000 in the US. Comprehensive Urology in Los Angeles is currently offering a discount on ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments at only $950 for 1 session at our Beverly Hills location in Los Angeles. Find out more Today! The results speak for themselves.

Try a vaginal rejuvenation treatment today and receive these benefits:
1. Non surgical labioplasty
5. Improve your sexual health by making women youthful again.
7. Regulate Urinary frequency and urgency
8. Reduce Pelvic pain

For more information on Thermiva, visit our detailed guide on this highly effective vaginal rejuvenation treatment with Dr. Kia Michel.

Kia Michel, MD

Kia Michel, MD

Written by Dr. Kia Michel, a board certified urologist, surgeon, and founding member of Comprehensive Urology in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Dr. Michel's expertise includes focal therapy (HIFU/TULSA), prostate cancer treatment, robotic surgery, and male enhancement treatments such as Shockwave Therapy for ED and penile injections.

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