Vaginal rejuvenation is a life-changing treatment that can give your most important parts a new breath of life, getting rid of years of toxicity and wastefulness. If you are looking to feel refreshed and renewed, you may be wanting to learn more about this fabulous procedure. But if talking about intimate acts scares you, you might hesitate when it comes to talking to your partner about vaginal rejuvenation.

Talking to Your Partner About Vaginal Rejuvenation

If this fear describes you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our urologist in Los Angeles is always helping patients seek more information about vaginal rejuvenation while offering the best ways to communicate their needs to their spouses and partners. Here are some tips we’ve picked up on that can make it easier for you to talk with your loved one about this new procedure.

Find All the Information You Can

Before you speak to your partner, make sure you are confident that this is the procedure you want. Do research so you know what to expect and what kind of results you will enjoy after the procedure is complete. Your partner might have questions about vaginal rejuvenation as well, and it might make both of you feel better when you can answer them confidently.

Find the Best Time to Talk

Now that you know that this is the procedure you want, you are probably looking for the perfect time to sit down with your partner and talk to them. As long as you are alone in a quiet space together, it will be a perfect time. Make sure you are both comfortable and start out with a soft tone to convey that this is something you are positive and excited about.

Explain the 5 Ws

The next step will be to explain the ins and outs of the vaginal rejuvenation process, to explain why you want this procedure, and to talk about how long the recovery process will take. You may want to invest in vaginal rejuvenation because your aging body has loosened its skin, or perhaps because you are dealing with urinary incontinence, which requires more vaginal tightening. You should also consider mentioning which doctor you will visit and what makes you feel confident about the procedure.

Talk About Recovery

One of the recovery requirements is that there is no sexual activity for at least six weeks. It may be tempting to engage in sex before then. But the vaginal area cannot be used for pleasure until the area is fully healed. Make sure your partner has a clear understanding of this as well. So you can invest in your safety throughout the healing process. You might also need some additional help from your partner while recovering. Especially in the early days when you might still be feeling pain. Make sure you have a care plan in place.

Make Sure This is What You Want!

There is no purpose in getting a procedure you don’t fully want. If you are pursuing vaginal rejuvenation due to societal pressure or a partner’s urging, you shouldn’t get it done. But if you are excited about feeling the effects of vaginal rejuvenation for yourself and you know that this will be the right move for you, then you will have no trouble explaining everything to your partner. Odds are they will fully support your decision and assist you with whatever needs you may have while healing.

Get the best Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Today 

Comprehensive Urology offers innovative and highly-researched treatment plans for the best vaginal rejuvenation in Los Angeles. Do you have a loosening vaginal wall or are you seeking rejuvenation after a previous urology diagnosis? Then contact our experts today to see what options exist for you. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation! 

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