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The Penis Filler Boom is here. As an urologist in Los Angeles, a rising number of my patients are asking me about male enhancements to give them more length and girth. The amount of options to increase penis length and girth can be overwhelming. Do you choose Botox penis injections or hyaluronic acid penis filler? Let me be your guide on the many penis enlargement options available to you in Los Angeles.

What is Penis Filler?

Penis filler is a cosmetic procedure aimed at increasing the penis girth and length. The actual procedure takes less than 20 minutes and involves a small needle that injects the penis filler into several sites around the shaft of the penis. Other than a small pinch at the beginning, this minimally invasive penile injection option is relatively painless with fast recuperation.

Penis Filler Types

The main types of penis filler types include hyaluronic acid, autologous fat transfer, and permanent synthetic materials such as PCL filler. There are also Botox injections that can enhance girth as well as erectile function. Many men also opt for the Scrotox treatment which are Botox injections to the scrotum to smooth wrinkles and reduce sweating.

PRP Penile Injections for Length and Girth

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) penile injections involve using the patient’s own plasma, enriched with platelets, to stimulate tissue growth and healing. PRP may contribute to penis enlargement by enhancing blood flow and tissue regeneration. These injections are different than penis fillers as they result in the growth of new tissues because it stimulates growth factors to build new cells.  PRP penile injections are preferred because instead of fillers, they produce new growth of cells which last significantly longer than fillers. However, penis fillers produce immediate results while PRP needs time to produce the new cells. PRP penile injections also produce increased length to a much higher degree.

Hyaluronic Acid Girth Enhancement

Hyaluronic acid is a temporary, biodegradable filler commonly used for girth enhancement. Its ability to retain water contributes to increased volume and a natural look and feel. More filler produces greater girth.

Botox Penis Injections

Botox injections can be used off-label for penile enhancement. Although not technically a filler, Botox can relax the penile muscles, potentially resulting in a temporary increase in flaccid length. This procedure is less common and should be discussed with a healthcare professional. It can also help with erectile dysfunction by stimulate greater blood flow to the penis.

Benefits of Penis Filler

Penis fillers offer a non-surgical solution for men seeking to enhance penile girth, with effects that can be seen shortly after the procedure.

Penile Girth Enhancement

  • Objective: Increase the circumference of the penis.
  • Procedure: Injection of a filler substance, often hyaluronic acid, into the penile tissue.
  • Result: An increase in penile thickness that varies depending on the volume of filler used.
  • Duration: Effects can last up to 12 months, depending on the type of filler.
  • Proportionality: The amount of filler used is adjusted to ensure a natural and proportionate appearance.
  • Feel: Fillers are designed to maintain a natural feel to the touch.

Patients typically find that an increase in girth can lead to a boost in self-confidence. This procedure does not require surgery, which can make recovery quicker and involves less risk than surgical alternatives. It is important that individuals also understand the limitation of fillers; they primarily increase girth rather than length.

Potential Risks of Hyaluronic Acid Girth Enhancement

While hyaluronic acid fillers for penile girth enhancement are generally considered safe, they are not without potential risks. Providers and patients should be aware of these concerns before proceeding with the treatment.

Infection: Though uncommon, there is a risk of infection at the injection site. Using proper aseptic techniques can minimize this risk.

Nodule Formation: Patients might experience the development of nodules or irregularities due to improper placement or uneven absorption of the filler.

Inflammation: Some individuals may have an inflammatory reaction to the hyaluronic acid filler, leading to redness, swelling, and pain.

Allergic Reactions: Rarely, patients may exhibit an allergic response to the hyaluronic acid used in the filler.

It’s important for healthcare providers to discuss these potential risks with their patients, ensure a full understanding of the procedure, and follow standardized methods for administration to reduce complications. Patients with certain medical or psychological conditions should be evaluated more carefully before undergoing girth enhancement procedures.

Hyaluronic Acid Girth Enhancement Steps

Hyaluronic acid filler injections are a nonsurgical option for penile girth enhancement, offering instant and visible results. The procedure includes a comprehensive consultation, a meticulous application process, and adhering to a prescribed aftercare routine.

Pre-procedure Consultation

Prior to the penile girth enhancement, a patient should expect to undergo a thorough consultation with a qualified medical professional. During this session, the patient’s medical history is reviewed, and any potential risks or concerns are addressed. The practitioner also explains the expected outcomes, costs involved, and obtains informed consent.

  • Review of medical history: Essential for identifying potential contraindications.
  • Discussion of expected outcomes: Sets realistic expectations for post-procedure results.
  • Consent: Patient must provide informed consent before proceeding.

Step-by-Step Process

Following the consultation, the actual procedure is conducted in a controlled medical environment to ensure safety and effectiveness. The practitioner typically follows these steps:

  1. Preparation: Cleanse the area to prevent infection.
  2. Anesthesia: Apply topical or injectable anesthetic for comfort.
  3. Injection: Carefully administer the hyaluronic acid filler using a cannula or needle.
  4. Modeling: Gently massage the area to evenly distribute the filler.
  5. Assessment: Evaluate the immediate results and symmetry before concluding.

Post-procedure Care

After the enhancement, patients receive post-procedure care instructions to maximize results and minimize complications. Key points include:

  • Activity restrictions: Avoid strenuous exercise or sexual activity for a recommended period.
  • Observation: Monitor for any signs of infection or complications.
  • Follow-up: Schedule a follow-up appointment to assess the healing process and results.

It’s important for the patient to strictly adhere to the aftercare instructions to ensure the best outcome and reduce the risk of side effects.

Hyaluronic Acid Girth Enhancement Cost

Penile girth enhancement using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a nonsurgical procedure that involves the injection of HA fillers into the penile tissue. The procedure aims for a noticeable increase in girth and is performed using FDA-approved HA dermal fillers, which have been proven safe for volume improvement.

The cost of HA girth enhancement can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the geographic location of the clinic, the expertise of the medical provider, and the amount of filler required to achieve the desired increase in girth. Additionally, the brand and type of HA filler can affect the overall price.

Here’s an outline of typical costs based on the amount of HA filler used:

  • To add ¼ inch to ⅓ inch of girth:
    • Approximately 4-6 units of filler
    • Total cost: $2,800 – $4,350
  • To add ½ inch to ⅔ inch of girth:
    • Roughly 10 units of filler
    • Total cost: $5,500 – $6,250
  • To add 1 inch of girth:
    • About 20 units of filler
    • Total cost: $9,900 – $10,900

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Botox vs Hyaluronic Penis Injections

Penile augmentation procedures have evolved to include various injectable substances. Botox (Botulinum toxin) and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) are two distinct compounds often used in cosmetic procedures. However, their applications and outcomes differ significantly, especially in penis injections.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

Botox is mainly known for reducing facial wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. When it comes to penile injections, Botox’s uses are relatively experimental and less documented in this context. It is primarily investigated for treating erectile dysfunction by potentially relaxing the smooth muscles within the penis and improving blood flow.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic Acid, on the other hand, has a more established role in penile girth enhancement. HA is a naturally occurring substance that provides hydration and volume. Injecting HA into the penile shaft is aimed at increasing circumference.

Comparison Table:

FeatureBotoxHyaluronic Acid
Primary UseED Treatment/Girth enhancementGirth enhancement
DurationTemporary, fast resultsTemporary, instant results
Natural PresenceSynthetic compoundNaturally occurring
Safety ProfileSafe, Research is OngoingWidely considered safe

These procedures should be carried out by qualified healthcare professionals, such as a board certified urologist to ensure a safe treatment.

Penis Filler Results

Penis fillers are injectable treatments that aim to enhance the girth of the penis. The results depend on various factors such as the type of filler used, the quantity injected, and the individual’s anatomy. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are commonly used due to their safety profile and compatibility with the body.

After treatment, patients generally observe:

  • An immediate increase in girth
  • Results that can appear natural-looking and feeling
  • Duration of results typically lasting up to 12 months

Expected increase in girth:

  • For hyaluronic acid-based fillers, 10 ml may increase girth by approximately 10%
  • The actual amount of filler needed can vary, larger penises might require more to achieve desired results

Table: Penile Filler Expectations

Filler TypeVolume (ml)Approx. Girth IncreaseDuration
Hyaluronic Acid1010%Up to 12 months
PRP Penile InjectionsVariesUnlimited with Multiple Treatments, also increases lengthPotentially years

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses the most common inquiries regarding hyaluronic acid girth enhancement, providing clear and concise answers to help individuals make informed decisions about the procedure.

How much does hyaluronic acid girth enhancement cost?

The cost of hyaluronic acid girth enhancement varies based on factors such as geographic location, the amount of filler required, and the practitioner’s expertise. Typically, prices can range significantly, and it’s advisable to consult with a specialist for a precise quote.

How long do the results of a girth enhancement typically last?

Results from hyaluronic acid girth enhancement can last from one to two years, with the longevity of the treatment depending on the individual’s body and the type of filler used.

What are the complications of hyaluronic acid girth enhancement?

Complications from hyaluronic acid girth enhancement can include infection, asymmetry, and nodule formation. Serious complications are rare, and selecting a qualified practitioner minimizes risk.

Are girth fillers safe?

When administered by a trained and experienced practitioner, girth fillers using hyaluronic acid are generally considered safe. The substance is naturally occurring in the body, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.

How do hyaluronic acid girth enhancements compare to other girth enhancement methods?

Compared to permanent methods like silicone implants or fat grafting, hyaluronic acid girth enhancements are less invasive, have a shorter recovery period, and are reversible. However, they are less permanent and may require regular maintenance treatments.

What should one expect during the recovery period after a girth enhancement procedure?

Following a girth enhancement procedure, one may experience mild swelling, bruising, and discomfort. These effects typically resolve within a few weeks, and most individuals can resume normal activities shortly after the procedure.

Kia Michel, MD

Kia Michel, MD

Written by Dr. Kia Michel, a board certified urologist, surgeon, and founding member of Comprehensive Urology in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Dr. Michel's expertise includes focal therapy (HIFU/TULSA), prostate cancer treatment, robotic surgery, and male enhancement treatments such as Shockwave Therapy for ED and penile injections.

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