It is important to understand that there is a direct link between smoking and erectile disorder (ED). Numerous studies have shown a link between smoking and erectile disorder. This is mainly due to the adverse effects that smoking can have on your heart health. So let’s look at how smoking contributes to erectile dysfunction.

How Smoking Contributes to Erectile Dysfunction

Long-term research has revealed that heavy smokers have a higher chance of developing ED than those who don’t smoke at all. Fortunately, quitting smoking can help reduce ED symptoms overall. The severity of your ED, your age, and any other health issues could affect the likelihood that healthy erectile function will return. Below, your trusted urologist in Los Angeles will talk about how smoking contributes to erectile dysfunction and what steps you can take to reduce your habit and enjoy a healthy sex life.

How Smoking is Related to ED

Regular smoking of cigarettes, cigars, or pipe tobacco can cause damage to your blood vessels and reduce arterial blood flow. The main culprit is nicotine, which is one of the worst chemicals that make up a cigarette. Nicotine is a well-known vasoconstrictor or a chemical that decreases blood flow in the body. This can have a serious impact on your sexual performance as it affects your ability to get erect or even feel aroused in certain parts of your body.

Tobacco and Arousal

Your brain sends signals to the penis nerves when you feel sexually stimulated. This causes blood to flow to the Corpus Cavernosum, which is the spongy tissue in the penis that forms an erection.

A reduced blood flow due to smoking or other unhealthy lifestyles can make it more difficult to achieve an effective erection. This could result in a weak or no response to sexual arousal or a weaker erection. Research shows that smoking exposure is directly related to the severity of erectile problems in people who smoke.

Other Negative Effects of Smoking on Sexual Health

When they smoke, some people have more problems than just erectile dysfunction. While that’s bad enough, there are additional health factors to consider when it comes to your smoking habit as well. Depending on your age, your gender, and your overall health, you might be dealing with some other issues related to sex and fertility. These are just a few of the many negative effects that smoking and tobacco smoke can have on your health:

Reduced Libido

While further research is necessary, some studies suggest a link between nicotine intake and lower sex drive among men. This is because smoking can lower the production of testosterone and increase the production of carbon monoxide in the body. This isn’t just unhealthy; it’s also a huge turn-off most of the time!


The American Society for Reproductive Medicine warns that both men and women can have their fertility negatively affected by using tobacco. The organization states that male and female smokers have approximately twice the infertility rate as non-smokers. Additionally, the fetus can be greatly affected by smoking, leading to possible developmental disorders or stunted growth.

Get Your Sex Life Back on Track!

You can get a solution sooner if you address ED early. While the symptoms are annoying to deal with, you will have an easier time getting your sex life back on track by making an appointment as soon as possible. You can make an appointment to see a urologist or mens health specialist if you don’t have a primary doctor. While this is a fairly common condition that can be reversed, it is clear that being a heavy smoker can greatly increase its symptoms. Learn more about this correlation and schedule treatment with us today!

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