The emotional burden you may feel when trying to take care of someone in this condition seems to get heavier when incontinence comes into play…
Caring for a loved one can be difficult when they have certain physical, emotional, and medical needs that they can’t take care of on their own. The emotional burden you may feel when trying to take care of someone in this condition seems to get heavier when incontinence comes into play.

Caring for Someone with Incontinence

Our experts understand the difficulties and frustrations that may quickly arise when caring for someone with incontinence, so we want to share a few tips that may aid you in keeping a level head when making decisions about caring for a family member with this issue. When you’re ready, our incontinence specialist in Los Angeles is ready to schedule a personal consultation with you and those in your care.

Understand Stress on Both Sides

Incontinence is not a fun experience for anyone involved. It’s natural to feel frustrated and at your wits end when your family member continues to have accidents that you are responsible for dealing with. It is also embarrassing and frustrating for your loved ones to not be able to control themselves or stop themselves from going to the bathroom. It is not easy to accept that you need this kind of care for yourself. It’s important for you to feel at your best when caring for your family member, even though it is not fun. If you find yourself getting impatient or angry, you might want to get in touch with a mental health specialist who can set you up with some healthy coping mechanisms so you can maintain a positive relationship with your family member.

Create a Daily Schedule

Depending on the illnesses of your family members, their incontinence may prove caused by different triggers. A change in diet and daily activities could help mitigate some of those symptoms while having an easier time managing incontinence when episodes of it do occur. Some of the biggest foods to avoid with incontinence include:
  • Acidic ingredients like citrus and fruit juices
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Chocolate
  • Tomatoes
  • Sugar and artificial sugars
  • Too much or too little fluids
If there are any medications that your loved one needs to take, make sure they are receiving them on a daily basis. The same goes for their bathroom breaks; while incontinence cannot always be controlled, having regular bathroom trips at the same time each day can be of great help.

Invest in More Time and Resources

There are a lot of steps involved in taking care of someone with incontinence. From changing clothes and equipment to cleaning up after a mess, it can be a lot to manage. If you find that you can?t do it alone, you should get in touch with professional caregiving services and a local incontinence doctor to come up with a plan of wellness for you both. It is important that you put as much time into caring for yourself as you do in caring for yourself as you do for your loved one. You can work with a professional to learn better skills for working with people dealing with incontinence. For example, you could insert humor in a kind way to help ease the stress and the tension of the situation. Remember again that this condition cannot stay under controlled. And it remains uncomfortable for everyone when it happens. But your response to it doesn’t have to be!

Get the Best Incontinence Care ASAP

Our comprehensive urologist in Los Angeles offers expert incontinence care for patients of all ages dealing with control issues when using the bathroom. If you are a caregiver for someone experiencing this frustrating condition, you can learn the best ways to care for your loved one when you get in touch with us today. This is not something that has to ruin a relationship for good!

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