When a partner has been dealing with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, there can be a lot of frustration for both parties involved. One hopeful note is that there are many effective treatments available, so it’s important to support your partner through this medical journey. So, how does one go about supporting their partner with erectile dysfunction?

Supporting Your Partner with Erectile Dysfunction

The path may not always be clear, but there are ways to get around the obstacles. Below, you’ll find the best tips for supporting your partner with erectile dysfunction, courtesy of your urologists in Los Angeles.

Talk About Your Feelings

It can help if both you and your partner talk about the feelings you’ve been having regarding the consistency of your partner’s struggles with ED. This is an efficient method of forming a care plan so that both of you can get the support you need moving forward. Make sure to come from a place of love and understanding when you talk, as not to tear each other down through this vulnerable time.

Visit the Doctor Together

Let your partner know that they aren’t alone with this struggle. Attend doctor’s visits together so you can both stay updated on the latest information about their ED diagnosis. This will also show your partner that you care deeply about their medical health and you will be right by your partner’s side every step of the way.

Join a Support Group

You and your partner can join the same – or separate – support groups for erectile dysfunction. It may be better for your partner to have a space to talk about the problem with others who are also experiencing it. You should also find a spousal support group to help you cope with the journey on your end as well.

Readjust Your Sex Life

It’s okay to have less sex; it doesn’t mean your relationship or love life is failing. Being intimate is a lot more than just having sex. You can find new activities to enjoy with your partner that will make the two of you feel closer than ever before. Don’t pressure your partner to have sex on a regular basis, especially when some of the symptoms of ED can keep arousal at bay.

Remind Your Partner of Their Value

If your partner is worried that having ED is a blow to their masculinity, you can reassure them that it isn’t the case. Tens of thousands of people around the United States deal with symptoms of erectile dysfunction on a daily basis, and there are many easy treatments available. But talking about it is a necessary step in order to get there!

Learn About the Best ED Treatments

The more you and your partner understand more about ED, the easier it will be to find the perfect treatment. There are advanced solutions available to help people restore their feelings of arousal as well as their physical ability to maintain an erection. Millions of people have tried out shockwave therapy, which is a non-invasive way to restore feeling and functionality.

Find the Perfect Treatment to End Your Erectile Dysfunction Today!
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