Urological Programs


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Welcome to Comprehensive Urology Medical Group (CUMG) in Los Angeles. Comprehensive Urology Medical Group is a renowned urological practice in Los Angeles which provides state of the art urological care in a personalized Urological Programs and compassionate environment. The physicians at Comprehensive Urology Medical Group are board certified urologists with specialty training in a number of different aspects of urology. Given their added expertise, the physicians at CUMG provide tailored care for their patients with outstanding results.


Our physicians offer the most modern surgical and nonsurgical treatments for BPH and its symptoms. Our goal is to minimize the impact that these therapies have on your lifestyle while maximizing its treatment of the problem. We use the most up to date medical therapies as well as new minimally invasive surgical approaches including green light laser and plasma vaporization treatments.

Prostate cancer can be extremely curable when diagnosed in the early stages. Our urologists use today’s most cutting edge diagnostic and surgical tools in order to provide an in-depth and accurate diagnosis for both first time screening and second opinions. We provide our patients with faster and more accurate results than ever before. Through new imaging techniques and highly refined, minimally invasive procedures, our prostate cancer screenings offer higher survival rates and a better quality of life.

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Our team performs a comprehensive diagnostic workup in order to accurately identify and differentiate the types of urinary incontinence. Our physicians also perform the most advanced surgical, pharmaceutical as well as non-pharmaceutical therapies tailored to address each patient’s needs.

Our urologists provide care for adrenal tumors and their many effects on the human body in conjunction with other doctors who may be needed for the health of patients. Through our minimally invasive procedures, improved health and fast recovery is possible today.


Our experienced urologists provide a thorough diagnosis to determine the exact cause behind a patient’s erectile dysfunction, which can result from numerous conditions. Our treatments include medication, behavior modification, eliminating risk factors, and surgery, which are tailored to each patient’s needs. In addition, our treatments avoid unnecessary complications that may arise when dealing with an underlying medical condition.


A vasectomy is an effective and permanent form of birth control for males. During a vasectomy, the tubes that carry sperm are sealed shut, preventing the release of sperm during ejaculation. Through our minimally invasive surgical procedures, patients are able to receive the effective care they need, but without any downtime that would disrupt daily life.


Through modern advancements in robotic surgery, our team is able to provide minimally invasive urological surgical treatment for numerous conditions. These procedures use minimal incisions that would be unavailable through non-robotic surgery. In doing so, patients are able to receive precise treatment that allows for effective care, fast recovery, and fewer side effects.


Our physicians are specialty trained in the area of urologic cancers, as well as in treatment of the cancer in the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques available. One of these techniques includes robotic (da Vinci) prostatectomy to treat prostate cancer. Our team concentrates on treating the cancer while also focusing on minimizing potential treatment related side- effects.

At Comprehensive Urology, we offer the most advanced minimally invasive treatments for kidney cancer, including robotic (da Vinci) partial nephrectomy ad radical nephrectomy. When combined with our advanced biopsy techniques, we can provide effective treatments that target cancer in its earliest stages for the greatest chances of success.


Experienced urologists at Comprehensive Urology understand the serious nature of testicular cancer and its effects on the lives of men everywhere. Through our cutting-edge care, we provide treatments that effectively battle cancer, greatly improve success rates, and prevent side effects that could drastically alter the everyday health and lives of patients.

Our team performs a comprehensive diagnostic workup in order to accurately identify and differentiate the types of urinary incontinence. Our physicians also perform the most advanced surgical, pharmaceutical as well as non-pharmaceutical therapies tailored to address each patient’s needs.

Varicoceles can cause significant pain and lead to sperm deformity, low motility, and infertility in men. Through our varicocelectomy, urologists provide a minimally invasive surgical procedure that stops irregular blood flow and pooling. Patients can typically go home the day of the procedure in most cases, and recovery is typically fast, with results being seen quickly after the surgery’s completion. While these conditions may go unnoticed, procedures can provide much needed help.


We provide circumcisions for adult males who are seeking out the procedure for either medical or cosmetic reasons, or both. Our urologists perform circumcision on an outpatient basis, which typically takes between 30 to 45 minutes, with the option for light sedation or a local anesthetic. Through our help, patients are able to achieve the health and appearance goals that they desire with a fast and simple procedure, which requires no downtime.


Our urologists provide numerous treatment options in order to eliminate stones that form in the kidneys and bladder. Depending on your specific condition, we can use medical therapy, surgery, dietary modification, shock wave lithotripsy, and more to remove your stones and end their painful effects in as little time as possible.


Our modern urology care provides today’s advanced treatments in the field of vaginal health, which includes ThermiVa and labiaplasty. Depending on your needs, our treatment can improve both appearance and health, which is applied with the insight and experience that comes from our expert urologists.