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Mazyar Motahedeh PA at Comprehensive Urology in Los Angeles

Dr. Mazyar Motahedeh is proud to be on Dr. Kia Michel’s team at Comprehensive Urology consisting of the best urologists in Los Angeles.  

Mazyar Motahedeh, PA-C has been an essential member of the Comprehensive Urology team since 2009. In addition to general urology, Mazyar specializes in prostate cancer treatment, BPH, sexually transmitted disease, shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, and men’s health. With his experience and expertise, he is one of the most skilled urologists in Los Angeles. 

Mazyar “Maz” Motahedeh has established himself as a highly accomplished Physician Associate since embarking on his journey in 2011, specializing exclusively in the captivating realm of urology. In his capacity as a practitioner of General Urology, Maz’s unwavering dedication is most prominently showcased through his unique focus on Male Sexual Health and Urological Oncology, areas of paramount importance that reflect his commitment to holistic patient well-being.
Over the years, Maz’s tireless commitment to excellence has endowed him with a profound reservoir of knowledge in the intricate domain of urology. His persistent efforts have culminated in the successful implementation of a diverse array of cutting-edge treatments, each meticulously tailored to cater to the unique needs of his patients. As a visionary clinician, Maz stands at the forefront of advancements in urological care, consistently introducing innovative treatments and approaches to his practice.
Maz’s academic journey further exemplifies his resolute pursuit of excellence. His academic foundation began with the attainment of a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the esteemed California State University, Northridge. This educational stepping stone laid the groundwork for his subsequent triumphs. Undeterred by challenges, Maz went on to achieve his Degree in Physician Assistant Studies, an accomplishment that was crowned with top honors from the distinguished Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science. Graduating magna cum laude in the top 10% of his physician assistant class, Maz’s academic achievements underscore his dedication to scholarly and professional excellence.
Elevating the quality of patient care is the cornerstone of Maz’s practice. With a wealth of experience spanning since 2011, his unwavering dedication to holistic patient well-being and his profound expertise in the field of urology combine to form an unassailable foundation upon which he continually offers compassionate and comprehensive care to all those entrusted to his expertise.
Maz’s commitment to professional growth and involvement in the urological community is commendable. He has been an active member of esteemed organizations such as the American Urological Association (AUA), the Urological Association of Physician Assistants (UAPA), and the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA). This active engagement has not only facilitated his continuous learning but has also provided him with opportunities to contribute to the field. Notably, Maz has served on cancer advisory committees, further demonstrating his dedication to improving patient outcomes through collaborative efforts.
In conclusion, Mazyar “Maz” Motahedeh’s journey and accomplishments as a Physician Associate in urology are truly impressive. His unwavering commitment to holistic patient well-being, his pursuit of excellence through academic achievements, and his active engagement in professional organizations and advisory roles demonstrate his dedication to advancing urological care and ensuring the best outcomes for his patients. Maz’s passion, expertise, and continued growth make him an invaluable asset to the field of urology and a trusted provider for those seeking compassionate and comprehensive medical care. 


Physician Assistant School 

Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science

Certifications & Licensure

National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)

Certified in Certified Physician Assistant


Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles