Learn About The Advantages of a Vasectomy for Birth Control

What are the Advantages of a Vasectomy?

When a man chooses to undergo a vasectomy as an option for permanent birth control, it shows his willingness to take charge of his life and the life he shares with his partner. By choosing to undergo the procedure, the man shows his love for his partner by opting to save her from the sometimes unreliable and toxic birth control methods designed for women. As you explore your options on vasectomy in Beverly Hills, you may have fears of medical complications, losing your libido, and the possibility of reversal or even having children in spite of the vasectomy procedure.

Types of Contraceptives

The many forms of contraception available show the need to explore the success rate of each as well as their pros and cons. Some choose to use contraceptives to control the number of children they wish to have and their spacing. Others opt for various forms of birth control to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections, while others pick them for their ability to control their menstrual cycles. Regardless of their effectiveness, implications, and side effects, users and health care providers concur that these contraception methods bring peace of mind and independence, which all have a positive impact on one’s general well being.

Male Birth Control

Research is ongoing for various types of male birth control. While such studies progress, not much is getting to the public during these preliminary stages. The scant details that are available, however, indicate that new forms of male birth control involve contraceptive injections with a mix of hormones (e.g. testosterone and progesterone) or injecting a gel-like substance into the vas deferens to prevent sperms from passing.

Male birth control remains elusive as the old joke among contraceptive researchers points out: “Twenty years ago, the male contraceptive pill was just 10 years away!” Consequently, even with a male pill in the pipeline, men find themselves left with two main male birth control options: vasectomy procedure and condoms.


Vasectomy is a male sterilization operation performed to prevent sperm from going to the penis or mixing with seminal fluids. It is typically an outpatient procedure because it is a minor operation. However, even after recovery, which takes about a week or so, it takes almost 12 weeks before the sperm count in the ejaculate drops to zero. In the meantime, alternative birth control methods must compliment this sterilization operation until your doctor confirms the zero sperm count and gives permission to stop using other contraceptives.

How Does a Vasectomy Work?

In the male reproductive system, the testicles produce sperm. The sperm then passes through the tube of vas deferens and make semen after mixing with seminal fluids. A vasectomy involves blocking the vas deferens so that the sperms coming from the testicles do not get to mix with the seminal fluid, which the penis ejaculates. With no sperm in the man’s ejaculate, conception cannot occur. There are various vasectomy procedures include clip vasectomy and no-needle, no scalpel vasectomy. For more information about the vasectomy procedure, please visit webmd.com.

Beverly Hills Male Contraceptive

Birth Control Methods

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explain that the most successful way of reducing unplanned pregnancy among sexually active women is correct and consistent use of birth control. The CDC further classifies these methods as either reversible methods or permanent methods and further breaks them down to hormonal, barrier, and fertility awareness-based methods.

Hormonal Methods: The pill, the ring, birth control shots, implants, and the patch.

Barrier methods: The male and female condoms, cervical cap, diaphragm, the sponge, and various spermicides, according to experts.

Abstinence and natural family planning comprise the fertility awareness methods.

Irreversible methods or sterilization includes vasectomy, tubal ligation, and trans-cervical sterilization.

Vasectomy Recovery

Recovery from the operation takes less than a week. Some men complain of on-going pain in the groin and bruised or swollen testicles. However, this portion of the population go on to make a full recovery soon after with proper medical care. Many resume sexual activity within a week of the operation. Medical practitioners suggest using antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial medication to alleviate any pain and discomfort. On the other hand, the CDC established that approximately 11 out of 1,000 procedures will fail.

Ejaculation after Vasectomy

Planned Parenthood reports that with vasectomy procedure, four out of every 100 men report that they cannot have an erection. They insist that this decreased sexual desire and/or inability to have an erection is an emotional problem since vasectomy does NOT cause any physical reason for the lack of libido or loss of erections.

Vasectomy Complications

Vasectomy complications rarely arise. However, you should be keen to note signs of infection, such as fever, excessive pain and swelling, and pus or blood oozing from the wound. Other complications include sperm granuloma, where sperm forms a lump under the incision after leaking from the tubes. All of the complications clear up with proper medical attention.

Vasectomy Costs in California

Vasectomy costs vary depending on the hospital and doctor. You should confirm the fee and negotiate a payment structure with the clinic. In some instances, clinics calculate fees according to sliding income factor. Consult a qualified and approved doctor for a full quotation.

Most doctors in Los Angeles offer no-scalpel vasectomy as it is an affordable, simple, safe, and quick method with a quick recovery route.

In a Nutshell

  • What is it? A “permanent” method of contraception for men, vasectomy involves ligating or blocking the vas deferens (tube that carries the sperm from testicles) on both sides and thus having no sperm in the ejaculate
  • How is it done? Usually as an outpatient minor surgical procedure. Patients get to go home the same day.
  • What is recovery like? No sexual activity and only light physical activity for a week, then may resume protected intercourse until cleared by your urologist to discontinue other contraceptive methods (after at least two semen analyses to make sure no sperm is seen in the semen).
  • Complications? Usually minimal but may include failure, pain, infections, and psychological lack of libido (rare).

Vasectomy Reversal

In instances of severe pain or other complications, a good urologist may be able to reverse the operation. While this is rare, there are equally rare cases of the cut ends of the vas deferens growing back together within four months of the operation and resulting pregnancy. A man, however, may seek a reversal in order to have children.  With the successful reversal, fatherhood is possible within a year.

Schedule a Consultation with a Male Fertility Expert in LA

Although a vasectomy is a simple procedure, you need comfort and peace of mind. Consult with a qualified urologist for all your vasectomy concerns and questions. To ensure you get a safe and quick vasectomy procedure, contact Comprehensive Urology in Los Angeles by calling (310) 596-1409 for further information and to schedule an appointment.

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