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Tips for Healthy Living

By now, the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices are fairly well-known.  A balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise plan, as well as a positive outlook on life, have been proven to affect everything from preventing (and alleviating) illness and disease, improving quality of life, helping in managing mental illness and depression, increasing longevity, and more.

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, making an effort to incorporate a few positive changes will go a long ways towards helping to stave off disease.  And though illnesses are sometimes unavoidable, the expert urologists in Los Angeles at Comprehensive Urology advise patients to focus on the aspects of their life and diagnosis that can be controlled, like diet, fitness, and state of mind.

Ways to Improve Your Urinary Health

Watch What You Eat

While kale and chia seed smoothies may not be for everyone, the good news about nutrition is that contrary to popular culture and advertising messages, diet is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.  Experimenting to find the right mix of healthy foods that provide essential nutrients and maintain energy levels for work and play can be a fun and interesting challenge for every individual and family.  Fruit, colorful vegetables, good fats, and protein are key elements in any balanced diet.

If the prospect of completely overhauling daily eating habits too quickly seems overwhelming, it’s possible to take small steps that will yield positive results. Some of these steps include the following:

  • Drink water.  All day every day.
  • Avoid excessive salt intake, which can lead to everything from dehydration to kidney stones.
  • Don’t overdo the coffee habit.  While you don’t have to give up the morning espresso entirely, but too much caffeine can disrupt sleep patterns and irritate the bladder.

Choose Health

While factors like genetics and certain environmental hazards can’t be controlled, there are many proactive steps that everyone can take in order to maintain as healthy a life as possible.

  • Don’t skip the annual check-up.  Finding a good doctor and establishing a positive working relationship is a critical step in staying healthy and catching a disease or illness in its early stages, when options for treatment offer the greatest likelihood of success.
  • Quit smoking.  Tobacco is known to contribute to various health ailments from macular degeneration to bladder and kidney cancer.  Eliminating tobacco use should be a priority for smokers across the board.
  • Keep moving. Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet are the two pillars of a healthy lifestyle. It’s never too late to start – talking a brisk walk a few days a week is an excellent way to jumpstart an exercise routine.

Contact an Expert Urologist in Los Angeles

The expert urologists at Comprehensive Urology treat both men and women for incontinence, prostate, kidney, bladder, sexual dysfunction, and more.  Take control of your life and health and call (310) 499-2756 to make an appointment with our experts today.

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