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Kidney Stone Prevention in Three Easy Steps

Kidney stones can be many things – painful, uncomfortable, embarrassing. They can prevent urine from draining out of the kidney, and, in certain cases, may even require medical treatment to be removed from the body. But in addition to all these qualities, kidney stones can also be avoidable.

It’s estimated that nearly 10% of all people will suffer from kidney stones at some point in their life. But thanks to a few simple steps, patients can minimize their chance of developing painful stones. At Comprehensive Urology, our urologists have compiled a list of three steps to help patients avoid kidney stones. Want to know more about the condition? Call us today at (310) 499-2756 to schedule an appointment.

3 Easy Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

Comprehensive Urology Kidney Stones Los AngelesStay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluid is one of the best and easiest ways to avoid kidney stones. Consuming lots of water dilutes the substances in urine which lead to stones, thus making them less likely to form. Also remember to stay hydrated during physical activities. Sports, hot weather, and exercise can cause you to sweat heavily, which leads to the loss of water and less urine production. Less urine means it’s more likely that kidney stone material can settle and bond in the kidneys.

Legumes Comprehensive Urology Kidney Stones Los AngelesObtain Calcium

Not having enough calcium in your diet can raise oxalate levels, causing the development of kidney stones. Oxalate is a substance naturally found in many different types of foods (grains, legumes, and certain fruits and vegetables). By pairing oxalate-rich foods with calcium, the substances will bind to each other in the stomach and reduce the likelihood of kidney stones forming.

Contrary to what the name suggests, calcium oxalate kidney stones are not caused by calcium. In fact, a diet low in calcium greatly increases the risk of kidney stone formation.

Avoid Certain Foods

It should come as no surprise that certain foods can increase the risk of kidney stones. As mentioned, grain, legumes, fruits, and vegetables are all a source of oxalate, but so are spinach, beets, and even chocolate! Monitoring your oxalate intake may benefit individuals who frequently suffer from calcium oxalate kidney stones.
Also remember that eating and drinking calcium-rich and oxalate-rich foods together can decrease the chance of developing kidney stones. For the most part, kidney stones are formed when these two substances combine while the kidneys are producing urine. If eaten together, they will instead combine in the stomach and intestines, which greatly reduces the chances of kidney stone formation.

Contact Comprehensive Urology Today!

With proper care and treatment, patients can perform simple measures to avoid kidney stones. Though by no means a foolproof way of avoiding kidney stones, staying hydrated, obtaining calcium, and monitoring your intake of oxalate-rich foods can prove very useful in avoiding kidney stone development.

If you have any questions about kidney stones, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with our expert urologists, please contact Comprehensive Urology today at (310) 499-2756.

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