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How is Prostate Cancer Diagnosed?

Prostate cancer affects hundreds of thousands of men every year. While modern cancer treatments have allowed for better treatments and a higher chance of complete success, proper prostate cancer treatment depends on a skilled diagnosis. Through diagnosis, your doctor will not only be able to understand the disease’s stage and its location, but also what treatments will be most effective.

However, many people do not understand the elements of a prostate cancer diagnosis. By learning more about this process, you can take informed steps in treating your disease in a timely manner.

The Elements of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

During a prostate cancer diagnosis, a medical professional will search for signs indicating the presence of the disease and its current stage. By fully understanding this information, the best treatment possible can be determined, which will inform all stages of treatment. The five elements of a prostate cancer diagnosis are:

  1. Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Value – A blood sample will test for PSA, which is naturally produced by the prostate gland. A higher than normal amount may be an indication of prostate cancer, enlargement, inflammation, or infection.
  2. Digital Rectal Examination – A doctor will examine the feeling of the prostate itself. Abnormalities in the shape, size, or texture of the gland may indicate cancer, which will lead to further tests for confirmation.
  3. Biopsy Specimen – Typically, several small sections of tissue will be removed from the prostate during a prostate cancer biopsy. These specimens will be examined to determine the amount of cancer present, which will indicate the condition of the prostate as a whole.
  4. Gleason Grade of Cancer – A doctor will examine the condition of currently present cancer cells to determine how aggressive the cancer is currently.
  5. Areas Containing Cancer – By using CT scans, MRIs, and various bone scans, a doctor will determine the exact placement of cancer within the prostate or in other areas to see if it has spread. The amount of tissue containing cancerous cells will inform the type and of treatment given in the coming months.

The treatments needed for your prostate cancer will depend on whether it is in an early stage or advanced stage. Only a skilled doctor will be able to determine these specifics, so finding an experienced prostate cancer doctor will be vital in your treatment.

Finding Skilled Help with Prostate Cancer in Los Angeles

If you are experiencing symptoms that may indicate prostate cancer, have a family history of the disease, or have been diagnosed with the condition, you deserve skilled treatment that gives you the best chance at a complete recovery. The prostate cancer doctors at Comprehensive Urology have helped countless people win the fight against prostate cancer through cutting edge treatments and years of experience dedicated to each person’s needs. To learn more about your treatment options, schedule an appointment with an experienced urologist by contacting us online or calling (310) 499-2756 today.

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