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Five Simple Changes to Everyday Life to Prevent Prostate Cancer

In 2015 alone, the American Cancer Society estimates that roughly 220,800 men will be newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, resulting in 27,540 deaths. While prostate cancer can be deadly, if diagnosed early enough, it can be cured. In order to avoid becoming a statistic, however, there are numerous steps you can take to protect your health or the health of a loved one and prevent prostate cancer from developing in the first place.

At Comprehensive Urology, our skilled team strive to not only treat and cure those who have been diagnosed with this serious disease, but to also help others lower their risk of prostate cancer altogether.

A Health-Conscious Lifestyle

Unfortunately, the exact causes of prostate cancer are still unknown, but researchers have been able to narrow down the key risk factors, which includes inherited genetic factors, age, ethnicity, and geography. Researchers have also been able to narrow down certain steps to counteract the risk factors.

The most common and beneficial proactive steps men may take to prevent prostate cancer later in life include the following:

A Change in Diet

– Making simple changes to your diet and nutrition has been linked to improved health and lower risks of cancer. Switching to a diet with plenty of fish, leafy greens, and colorful fruit can help lower your risk of prostate cancer. Replace foods that are high in animal fats, such as butter and cheese, with healthier alternatives, such as olive oil or nuts. Fresh fruits and vegetables also provide the most health benefits rather than prepackaged or frozen food.

Eat Plenty of Tomatoes

– Consuming plenty of tomato-based foods, such as marinara sauce, can reduce your risk of prostate cancer by as much as 35 percent. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients, such as lycopene, antioxidant vitamins, and flavanoids.

Quit Smoking

– There are already numerous reasons why smoking cigarettes can be harmful for your health, but researchers have also found that cigarettes can drastically increase your risk of developing an aggressive form of the disease.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

– Too much body fat, particularly around the middle of your body, has been linked to increased risk of prostate cancer. Regular exercise, whether walking, jogging, or bicycling for three hours a week, can help you cut down on unhealthy body fat and provide addition health benefits, such as improved mood, increased muscle mass, and better metabolism.

Get Sufficient Vitamin D

– Low levels of vitamin D has been linked to increased risk of various cancers, including prostate cancer. Vitamin D can be absorbed via sun exposure, but can also be gained through vitamin supplements. Always remember to apply sunscreen before spending any time in the sun to protect your skin.

Take Proactive Steps to Prevent Prostate Cancer

To learn more about the best measures for protecting your prostate health, contact Comprehensive Urology in Beverly Hills today. Call 310.341.2557 or send us a message online via our contact form to schedule a consultation with a skilled urologist today.

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