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Why You Should Care About Cancer Screenings

At Comprehensive Urology, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best and most effective cancer treatments available. One of the key steps in cancer treatment is screening. If detected early, most urologic cancers are curable. Though cancer screening may seem frightening, it is incredibly useful in identifying cancer early, thus allowing for the best possible treatment.

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The Benefits of Early Screenings

Whether being screened for prostate cancer, bladder cancer, or kidney cancer, the most important thing is to be screened early. Early detection of cancer increases the viability and effectiveness of treatment. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “early detection is the best prevention.” This holds true for all forms of cancer.

Prostate Cancer Screenings

So what’s the proper age to have your first cancer screening? For prostate cancer, our doctors recommend that patients first be screened at the age of 40. Patients with a family history of prostate cancer should be especially vigilant in screening for the disease. Additionally, because African-Americans have a higher risk of prostate cancer, it’s very important that African-American patients begin screening early, before the cancer can grow and become malignant.

Kidney Cancer and Bladder Cancer Screenings

For kidney and bladder cancer, patients should look into screening once they hit the age of 50. Though kidney cancer can be harder to spot than prostate cancer, early screening is critical when treating the disease. Don’t take chances with your health. Get screened early and often!

Simple Cancer Testing Methods

Benefits of Cancer Screenings Los AngelesOver the years, cancer screening methods have become less invasive and easier to perform than ever before. Cancer screening can take many forms, but one of the most popular and well-known ways of diagnosing prostate cancer is through a PSA test. Short for ‘prostate-specific antigen,’ a PSA test measures the blood level of PSA, a protein produced by the prostate. If a man has a high level of PSA in his blood, it’s possible that he has prostate cancer.

A PSA blood test is an extremely simple yet effective way of screening for prostate cancer. If you’re worried about cancer screenings at Comprehensive Urology, you shouldn’t be. A PSA blood test is a noninvasive, simple way to screen for prostate cancer.

Digital rectal exams (DRE) are another way of diagnosing prostate cancer. During a DRE, a physician will gently insert a gloved finger into the rectum, checking for textural abnormalities or inconsistencies on the prostate. Regardless of which cancer screening method a patient undergoes, he can live with assurance: either he doesn’t have prostate cancer, or the cancer was identified early, allowing our expert physicians and urologists to determine the best course of treatment.

Schedule a Cancer Screening Today!

If you would like to schedule a cancer screening appointment at Comprehensive Urology with a prostate cancer surgeon in Beverly Hills, please contact us today by calling (310) 499-2756. With years of experience and access to the world’s best cancer treatments, the urologists at Comprehensive Urology are experts in diagnosing and treating the disease. Let us help you today.

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