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5 Signs You are Suffering from Urinary Incontinence

urinary-incontinence-symptomsUrinary incontinence severely affects the personal and professional lives of many people every year. But while many live with these debilitating effects year after year, relief is possible through modern medical treatments. But every successful treatment must begin with a skillful diagnosis and every diagnosis can only happen when a patient visits a doctor of his or her own accord.

By knowing what symptoms indicate urinary incontinence, you can seek skilled help as soon as possible and get the treatment you need without delay.

Knowing the Symptoms of Incontinence

Thousands of people suffer from various forms of incontinence. These include stress, urge, overflow, functional, and mixed incontinence, each with their own effects and causes. However, many do not know that they suffer from the condition. Knowing the signs of incontinence will help you determine if you are experiencing the condition so that you can seek successful urological treatment and relief as soon as possible.

  1. Sudden Urges to Urinate – Healthy urination involves a slowly increasing need to go to the bathroom, with no need to urinate as soon as possible. Incontinence often involves sudden needs with little warning and little ability to wait until seeking relief.
  2. Inability to Make the Bathroom On Time – This will involve frequently being unable to reach the bathroom before experiencing either minor leaking or full urination. In either case, not being able to control the bladder completely indicated incontinence.
  3. Urine Leaking During Physical Exertion – If you experience minor or major urine leaks during coughing, exercising. sneezing, laughing, lifting something heavy, or some other form of physical exertion, you may have a weakened bladder from stress incontinence.
  4. Frequent Urination – The feeling of needing to urinate frequently without having drank a large amount of fluid, especially during the middle of the night, can indicate urge incontinence for both men and women.
  5. Inability to Completely Empty Bladder – While you may seek relief by emptying your bladder, suffering from overflow incontinence means that you will be unable to empty it completely, leading to dribbling urine and a consistent need to use the bathroom.

While these signs may indicate various forms of incontinence, or a combination of several, they are a signal that you should have your condition diagnosed as soon as possible. With the help of a skilled medical professional, you can not only discover the details or your incontinence, but learn which treatment options are right for returning you to a prime state of health as soon as possible.

Help from a Skilled Urinary Incontinence Team

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with urinary incontinence or is suffering from symptoms that may indicate the condition, do not wait to get in touch with the urological medical team at Comprehensive Urology. Call (310) 499-2756 or contact us online and schedule an appointment to learn how we can help you today. Relief is possible when we apply our years of experience to your unique needs.

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