4 Everyday Incontinence Issues Solved by UroLift Procedures

4 Everyday Incontinence Issues Solved by UroLift Procedures

Once you get into your 40s, the decline in the function of your prostate often begins in earnest. However, you might not always notice the differences in how it functions – or maybe, in truth, you suspect some issues, yet you ignore them.

If you’re in the latter camp, there could be several reasons why. One of which is simple stubbornness. If you’re like many men, you don’t want to share those kinds of health issues with anyone, even with your doctor. Another one is that you’re not aware of the exact symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Finally, you may not have realized that these days, certain minimally invasive BPH treatment options are available with few, if any, adverse side effects, such as loss of sexual function.

At Comprehensive Urology in Los Angeles, we understand your uncertainty regardless of the reason. We specialize in diagnosing, advising, and treating Los Angeles area men who have or are suspected of having an enlarged prostate. We are also dedicated to providing state-of-the-art BPH treatment options, including the innovative UroLift System.

What is a UroLift Procedure?

UroLift is a minimally-invasive BPH treatment for men who have symptoms of an enlarged prostate. The FDA-approved system relieves the obstruction and pressure on your urethra with tiny, permanent implants that not only open your urethra but also hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way to allow the urine to pass easily.

Your urethra will be unblocked without any need for cutting, heating, ablating, or removing any of your prostate tissue. Even better – there is no negative impact on your sexual function, making this treatment somewhat unique amongst most BPH therapies.

How Does UroLift Affect Everyday Urination?

If you have the following three everyday issues with urination or urinary incontinence due to issues with your prostate, then you should consider the UroLift BPH treatment system for effective treatment.

Issue #1 Difficulty Starting

If your urethra is blocked by enlarged tissue from your prostate, then you might be experiencing hesitancy to start urinating. There’s not much that’s as embarrassing as turning blue in the face at a public urinal as you strain to start urinating.

Issue #2 Weak Flow

Once you get started, does your urine only dribble out? Do you have to keep pushing and straining to maintain your stream? If the flow of your urine has sufficiently decreased in strength that you wince at how weak it sounds flowing into the toilet, UroLift can make you once again proud to be loud!

Issue #3 Dysuria (Burning or Discomfort With Urination)

This just sounds unpleasant, doesn’t it? And it can certainly be, as it means pain, burning, and discomfort while you urinate, which can cause you to worry that you have serious health problems.

Furthermore, the above issues can also have symptoms related to bladder storage, as well, including having to urinate frequently, waking up several times a night to urinate, or sudden urges to urinate immediately.

Issue #4 Urgency and Urge Incontinence

Another unpleasant and potentially embarrassing problem which may arise with an enlarged prostate is the constant need to look for a restroom, the urge to urinate all the time and difficulty delaying it, with potential for unpleasant “accidents” and urine leakage.

These are some reasons why you should consider talking to your doctor about your urinary issues the advantages of the UroLift system as BPH treatment.

Benefits of UroLift Treatment

There are several types of benefits to this men’s BPH treatment, including both during and after the treatment session.

During the BPH treatment, the benefits are as follows:

  • No surgery or cutting
  • No burning
  • No anesthesia or drugs required
  • Can be done in the doctor’s office

Although we often don’t use anesthesia or drugs during this BPH treatment, if you’d like local or even general anesthesia, we can accommodate this for your convenience. We can also administer pain killers and anti-anxiety medication prior to your session, as well.

Following the BPH treatment procedure, here are the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • No overnight stay necessary
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Continued sexual ability
  • Sustained quality of life
  • Immediate results

An enlarged prostate can have an adverse effect on the quality of your life. Undergoing just one UroLift BPH treatment can alleviate troublesome urinary problems and embarrassing sexual performance problems related to BPH, with immediately apparent results. Learn more about Urolift at Urolift.com.

Side Effects of UroLift

Because of its minimally invasive nature, the UroLift system has few side effects and the ones that do occur usually recede in one to two weeks as your body adjusts. These UroLift side effects may include:

BPH Questions? Comprehensive Urology Beverly Hills Has the Answers

Men rarely have symptoms of an enlarged prostate before the age of 40, yet by the time you get to your 60s, you might be part of the majority of aging men who do. By the time you’re in your 70s and 80s, you’re almost guaranteed to have those symptoms. Often, we diagnose such prostate issues in our patients during normal rectal exams, though we also find them through a urine flow study, ultrasound, cystoscopy, or urinalysis.

If you are above the age of 40, don’t ignore any symptoms that could mean you have an enlarged prostate. It’s a very common problem that if detected early enough, can be treated and eliminated, allowing you to improve your quality of life. Don’t hesitate to contact the Los Angeles prostate experts in Los Angeles today at Comprehensive Urology for a consultation. Contact us online or call 310.499.2756 to schedule an appointment and get your questions answered.

In a Nutshell: UroLift

  • Minimally invasive BPH treatment for unblocking the urethra by holding the enlarged prostate tissue back with small clips to allow better urine flow
  • No need for cutting, ablating, burning, or removing any tissue
  • No loss of sexual function, almost immediate results, and low risk
  • Can be done in office, or under sedation/anesthesia in less than hour

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